CZARS: Russia's Rulers for Over One Thousand Years
With Vincent L. Ricci. Publisher: Facts On File, Inc.

Duffy and Ricci (Target Hitler, Greenwood, 1992) offer a basic survey of Russian czardom from the legendary mists of the ninth century to the murder of Nicholas II in 1918. For the first 500 years, leaders were actually called grand princes, and their reigns were punctuated by endless internecine strife. Slowly, the "gathering of lands" under Moscow's leadership created a sense of nationhood. Though the authors offer little thematic analysis, they present an interesting series of profiles replete with colorful anecdotes. The entire cast of characters is presented-not just the movers and shakers like Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible but the more obscure as well, e.g., the murderous Olga (945-955) and the hopelessly insane Paul (1796-1801). Duffy and Ricci provide unusually thorough coverage of the earlier centuries but by doing so are forced to race to the finish line. Still, most libraries should consider for the generally solid coverage.
Mark R. Yerburgh, Fern Ridge Community Lib., Veneta, Ore.
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The 1,000 year history of Russian autocracy - from the birth of the Kievan state to the murder of Czar Nicholas II.

"A very readable book about the rulers of the Russian Empire" School Library Journal

"Unusually solid coverage of the earlier centuries." Library Journal

"Great for undergraduate students and general readers." Reference and Research Book Notes

"A good old-fashioned, expansive history of Russia, big on names, dates, and events. Narrated with sufficient sensitivity to give readers an idea of the depths. Well written and informative..." Kirkus Reviews

"The romance, the adventure, the tyrannical abuses of power, it's all here, plus b&w portraits, a few maps, and an appendix of genealogical tables." Booknews

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