LINCOLN'S ADMIRAL: The Civil War Campaigns of David Farragut
eBook Publisher: New Word City


This book tells of the Civil War campaigns of David Farragut. Thoroughly researched and compellingly written, this book examines Farragut's command of the most daring and important assignment of the Civil War: the mission to recapture the vital Southern port of New Orleans.

"A well-written, even compelling, narrative account of U.S. Navy operations against New Orleans in 1862, against Vicksburg and Port Hudson in 1863, and against Mobile in 1864. This is a fast-moving...narrative." Naval History

"Mr. Duffy is primarily interested in fighting ships. He makes their equipment and performance and the reasons for Farragut's decisions thoroughly understandable."
The Atlantic Monthly

"Duffy's descriptive writing is often compelling, and includes thrilling tales of ship-to-ship action. This is an excellent introduction to Farragut's life." Publisher's Weekly

"An admirably researched history of the long, successful career of America's first admiral and popular hero of the Civil War." Kirkus Reviews

"This is a good descriptive account of the accomplishments of one of America's toughest commanders." The Seattle Times

"A well-researched, enjoyable, and informative biography - in short, a book that both inspires and entertains." Sea Power

"Duffy tells the story clearly and does not allow extraneous detail to cloud the main course of events. His picture of Farragut's character is accurate and well drawn." History

"A fast-paced, lively narrative. Duffy knows how to tell a good story, and he recounts Farragut's most celebrated exploits with verve and panache. He also earns high marks for accuracy." Civil War History

"The author offers a thorough analysis of David Farragut's Civil War campaigns in one of the few scholarly works on Farragut written in this century." The Historian

"The handling of the Union naval effort in Civil War historiography is generally not something to be proud of; Duffy helps improve that situation greatly with this book." Booklist

"Duffy has written eloquently about Farragut's tribulations. Will be enjoyed by those fascinated by the Civil War." The Journal of American History

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