LINDBERGH vs. ROOSEVELT, the Rivalry That Divided America
Publisher: Regnery Press

Was aviation pioneer and popular American hero Charles A. Lindbergh a Nazi sympathizer and anti-Semite? Or was he the target of a vicious personal vendetta by President Roosevelt? In Lindbergh vs. Roosevelt, author James Duffy tackles these questions head-on, by examining the conflicting personalities, aspirations, and actions of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Charles A. Lindbergh. Painting a politically incorrect portrait of both men, Duffy shows how the hostility between these two American giants divided the nation on both domestic and international affairs. From canceling U.S. air mail contracts to intervening in World War II, Lindberg and Roosevelt’s clash of ideas and opinions shaped the nation’s policies here and abroad. Insightful, and engaging, Lindbergh vs. Roosevelt reveals the untold story about two of history’s most controversial men, and how the White House waged a smear campaign against Lindbergh that blighted his reputation forever.

"In this excellent book, Duffy successfully restores the honor that properly belongs to Lindbergh and draws a more skeptical, and accurate, portayal of Roosevelt. If you love reading twentieth century American history, you'll love this book." Thomas E. Woods Jr., author of Meltdown, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, and Nullification

"Duffy shows how FDR prevailed in the war debate and how he smeared and undermined Lindbergh in the process. Duffy's book is an excellent contribution to the research on the disappointing character of FDR as president." Burton W. Folsom Jr., author of New Deal or Raw Deal? and The Myth of The Robber Barons

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