TARGET: AMERICA, Hitler's Plan to Attack the United States
Publisher: Praeger Publishers; PB: The Lyons Press


Did Hitler mean to pursue global conquest once he had completed his mastery of Europe? In this startling reassessment of Hitler's strategic aims, Duffy argues that he fully intended to bring the war to America once his ambitions in the Eurasian heartland were achieved. Detailed here for the first time are the Third Reich's plans for a projected series of worldwide offensives using the new secret weapons emerging from wartime research. Duffy also recounts other Axis schemes to attack American cities through the use of multi-stage missiles, submarine launched rockets, and suicide missions against ships in the New York harbor. Taken together, these plans reveal just how determined the Axis powers were to attack the United States.

Whether German forces could actually reach America has been long debated. What is certain is that Wehrmacht planners explored various options. In 1942 a secret plan was submitted to Hermann Goring for the use of long-range bombers against targets across the globe. The scheme, prepared by a select group within the Luftwaffe, is believed to be the result of direct discussions with Hitler. Long rumored to exist, this document was recently discovered in the military archives in Freiburg. This account provides the first detailed analysis of the plan and places it in the context of Germany's global war objectives.


Selected as one of the Best Books of the Year by World War II Magazine.

The subject of a Discovery/Military Channel documentary.

"Engrossing coverage for readers interested in the weaponry what-ifs of World War II." Booklist

"A solid analysis of Hitler's wartime plans to invade the United States." World War II Magazine

"....argues that Hitler intended to bring war to America once he'd succeeded fully in Europe; for the first time HItler's plans for worldwide offensives using his new secret weapons are revealed, with chapters recounting other Axis schemes for attack and how planners considered various options for conquest." Midwest Book Review

"Employing a lively writing style, the author calls on his impressive knowledge of Hitler's Germany to expose a fascinating story of long-range bombers, missiles, and rockets." Military History of the West

"Duffy's richly documented narrative of the determined men and their futuristic weapons is a spell-binding experience, a fresh contribution to our understanding of World War Two that opens a new chapter on the history of mankind's most devastating conflict." Frank Joseph author of The Last of the Red Devils.

"Military buffs and students of all ages will enjoy reading this fascinating account of the efforts by Hitler and Mussolini to develop the technical means to attack the U.S. mainland." Diane Ravitch author of The Language Police

"A fascinating, topical and extremely well-documented book. A work which brings to light a series of untold stories of WW2.... Shows and reminds the reader that the idea of an aerial and naval attack to the heart of the United States is not new at all.... A book to meditate upon." Alberto Rosselli author of The Anglo-French Conflict in North America, 1756-1763

"Duffy has produced an incredibly shocking expose of Hitler's obsession and plans to attack America with long range weapons for destructive and psychological purposes. Duffy's research is extensive and profound and is a potent warning to our vulnerability. He has given us a mandate against future dictators with designs against our country. This book should be required reading for those responsible for our Home Security." Randolph
Bradham author of Hitler's U-Boat Fortresses
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