TARGET HITLER: The Plots to Kill Adolf Hitler
With Vincent L. Ricci. Publisher: Praeger Publishers; PB: Enigma Books; Polish: Replika
A Main Selection of The Military Book Club


The infamous reign of Adolf Hitler occurred half a century ago, but how he managed to escape so many attempts on his life remains a mystery. Target Hitler addresses the subject anew and is the only book for general audiences which recounts this fascinating topic in depth. Duffy and Ricci have pulled together the known and hitherto unknown facts about the German resistance to create an absorbing tale.

Although many Germans harbored deep hatred for the Nazis and risked their lives trying to topple the regime, most of these would-be assassins were forgotten or slighted in the history of that period. The authors wish to right that wrong. This eminently readable narrative concentrates on the efforts of a group of conspirators within the German army who first began to plot against Hitler in the fall of 1938, and whose story culminates in the famous July 1944 bombing. Bound together by their religious beliefs and a determination to rid their homeland of the Nazi scourge, some of these men were generals, one a field marshal. It is intriguing to think how the course of world history would have been altered had these men accomplished their mission. That fate denied such an outcome is tragic. But now, at least the bravery of those who tried to rid the world of the horror Hitler inflicted will be remembered as the heroes they are.


"This title is the only book to explore the topic in depth with the general-interest reader in mind: it draws upon many accounts and researched facts to identify and explore the failures of the would-be assassins who tried to topple Hitler's regime." Bookwatch

"The authors have done a good job of concentrating what is known about the various attempts on Hitler's life into a brief, readable narrative." The Historian

"This clear and well-written introductory review of the resistance in Nazi for general readers and public libraries." Library Journal

"The authors have collated known and previously unknown information about the German resistance to present an absorbing story." The Stars and Stripes.

"A long overdue treatment of this fascinating and exciting topic that integrates much of what we know of the fate of the people who plotted to assassinate Hitler. It will be a steady seller to WW II buffs." Rated Excellent. The Reader's Review

"Painstakingly researched and engagingly written."  Dutchess Magazine

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